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At CyberSift, we're committed to keeping you ahead in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. Bookmark this page for your go-to source on the latest advancements, empowering you with knowledge for digital resilience and security.

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Quick Start Guide

We're excited to guide you through the setup process, ensuring your online presence is safeguarded. Let's start with the Quick Start Guide for CS-DNS setup, which encompasses not only setting up but also configuring your profile on our DNS protect portal for comprehensive protection.

Explainer Videos

We take the complexity out of safeguarding your online presence by providing clear, concise visual guides. Our animations walk you through each step of setting up and configuring DNS Protect, ensuring a seamless and secure process.

Windows Host

Opting for the CS-DNS agent when utilizing an API key instead of an IP introduces a level of flexibility and granularity in DNS filtering that is unparalleled. While using an IP may offer simplicity, employing an agent becomes imperative when nuanced filtering policies are required for individual hosts sharing the same IP. Learn how to set up and configure your Windows Host.

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