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Category Flexibility

Content Filtering, Threat Protection & Network Visibility

What is included in the 80+ Categories?

Explore the formidable capabilities of CyberSift DNS Protect, delivering unparalleled user protection against phishing and malware sites across an extensive array of 80+ categories. Seamlessly fortify your workforce against a spectrum of online threats, ranging from social media platforms to the clandestine realms of the dark web. With CyberSift DNS Protect, experience swift deployment and effortless configuration, empowering organizations to attain compliance and enhance security for immediate, tangible benefits.

Extensive Coverage Across 80+ Categories: CyberSift DNS Protect stands at the forefront of defense, covering a diverse range of 80+ categories, including Pornography, Shopping, Social Media, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that your organization is shielded not only against traditional threats but also against nuanced challenges prevalent across various online domains.

Profiling per category

Unlock the potential for tailored internet access within your organization with the innovative Allow/Block List functionality of CyberSift. This feature provides a powerful solution for organizations seeking to balance security with the operational needs of specific departments, such as Marketing's requirement to utilize social media platforms.


Immerse Yourself in the Power of CyberSift DNS Protect's Multifaceted Defense!

DNS Protection

🌐 Choose Protection Tailored to Your Needs:


Select from a broad spectrum of categories to customize your defense strategy. CyberSift DNS Protect offers a tailored approach, allowing organizations to focus on specific threat vectors, such as Pornography, Shopping, and Social Media, ensuring a nuanced and effective defense against diverse online risks.

🔒 Empower Your Organization Today:

Don't just secure your network; fortify it against the full spectrum of online threats. Choose CyberSift DNS Protect for a security solution that adapts to your organization's unique needs. Elevate your cybersecurity defense with a focus on the categories that matter most. Learn more about our offerings and empower your organization at

Fortified Security with
enhanced layers of protection.

Safeguard your reputation when it's at risk.

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