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Ensure Enhanced Business Security
with DNS Protect.

Safeguard your business more effectively by leveraging the power of DNS Protect. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to fortify your digital infrastructure, providing advanced protection against cyber threats and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of your operations.

CyberSift DNS Protect

One platform.
Many Benefits.

Prevent threats while browsing the internet, protect against phishing, malware, and advertising tracking. Take control of your network by managing access to selected content categories, ensuring a secure and focused online environment for increased productivity.

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Effective & Simple Solution

Check out the benefits.

Easy Setup

Up and running in less than 24 hours*


Manage effective cloud based protection


Know your Threats and have Network Visibility

Web Protection

Protecting your business from up to 80+ Categories

*Within the swift timeframe of less than 24 hours on business days, CyberSift DNS Protect is seamlessly deployed and operational. Upon commissioning your account, a comprehensive process is initiated, ensuring that every facet of your cybersecurity solution is meticulously configured. Swiftly following this deployment, all pertinent login details and essential information are diligently compiled and dispatched to the user via email.

CyberSift DNS Protect shields against deceptive websites aiming to steal sensitive information or credentials.

CyberSift DNS Protect safeguards privacy by blocking domains involved in invasive advertising tracking, enhancing online security and anonymity.

Experience the prowess of CyberSift DNS Protect as it provides robust user protection against phishing and malware sites across 80+ categories.

This tool acts as a barrier against websites known for hosting harmful software or malware, ensuring a safe browsing experience.

Efficiently block unwanted browsing for users, ensuring a safe and compliant online environment. Control and protect your network effortlessly with accessibility to 80+ filtering categories.

Our innovative solution simplifies and scales your security measures, providing flexible, cloud-based protection that unifies multiple security functions into one cohesive system.

Our Solution is described by Clients as being
Reliable, Swift, Boundless, and Feature-Rich.

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